BeeHive Daily Log: 11/04/2049
User: Jack Hermes
Hour: 2

This is my first time as a spaceship commander. Mr. Fellipe & Ms. Susan are my two assistants. Currently we are heading towards Megaclite, moving at a speed of 1.5 million miles per hour. It’s the one of 67 moons of Jupiter discovered in the year of 2000.

BeeHive Daily Log: 30/06/2049
User: Jack Hermes
Hour: 6

Our spaceship is not so big but big enough for carrying 60 crews, food stock for 2 years, weapons and fuel reserve. There are some controversy going on over a few technical details on this giant ship. As a commander chief I know the truth and all the details about this ship. Technically we are running out of fuel. Less than a thousand million miles and then this ship is nothing but a floating asteroid. Everyone on board knows that we are not so far from Megaclite, only a 100 million miles away.

BeeHive Daily Log: 22/07/2049
User: Jack Hermes
Hour: 1

This is  Captain Fellipe. We have terminated Jack Hermes & take control of this spaceship. We are still 700 million miles away from our destination. Our spaceship can make only 147 million miles from this point. We have decided to land on S/2003 J4, weirdly named moon of Jupiter which is only 2 KM in diameter. So right now we are just 88 million miles away from our landing zone. After getting there we are planning to setup solar powered engine. We will land on Megaclite. Sooner or later.

Update About Jack Hermes: Jack right now is not functioning at all. Susan, my fellow crew asked him a question before his system malfunctioned. She asked him “A barber who is a man shaves only those men who do not shave themselves. Does he shave himself?”

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