Ever wonder why your mac’s external monitor showing input color format as YPbPr instead of RGB? You probably have been using this for long time and experiencing poor font rendering and picture quality.

Good news is, there’s a fix for that and it works with latest macOS “Sierra”! A guy named Andrew Daugherty wrote a code for users like us. It has been tested in DELL-S2415H and some Asus models. It will work the same way with MacOS El Capitan.

Let’s do this:

  1. First, download the script from Andrew’s Github Repo.  Put it in your Home folder and Unzip it, you’ll see there’s a file named patch-edid.rb
  2. Open up your terminal and type in ruby patch-edid.rb
  3. Now, you will see a new folder will be created  DisplayVendorID-* inside the folder, there will be another file. We need to move the file with folder to a different place. For that, you will need to disable System Integrity Protection.
  4. To do that, restart your mac and boot into recovery system by pressing CMD+R at the same time.
  5. Open terminal from Utility and type in csrutil disable and press enter. Then type reboot and press enter.
  6. As soon as you login to your mac, copy the DisplayVendorID-*  folder and paste it into /System/Library/Displays/Contents/Resources/Overrides/
  7. Be careful when you do this any mistake can lead you to reinstall your OS. Restart your system and you should be fine now!

Thanks for trying this with me. If you found it useful please Share it with your friends.

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