I will show you how you can modify Shipping Estimated Delivery Date when you’re not using Shopify plus.

Before I start you should know that, this hack or trick is not exactly for modifying shipping method selection page. Rather you will hide all estimated delivery days on that page and display the custom estimated days on the order confirmation page.

Suppose you have a shipping method called “FedEx Ground”. In Shopify shipping method selection page, a customer sees the estimated days as 2-3 business days. However, you know that it takes actually 2-7 business days. Now, what you can do?

Follow these steps:

1. Go to your language editor from Themes > Actions > Edit Language
2. Go to checkout & system tab.
3. Look for “Estimated delivery date range” put a blank space
4. Look for “One” under the section: Checkout shipping estimated delivery date and put a blank space
5. Do the same for “Other”

So, we just removed the Shipping estimated delivery days/date range from the shipping method selector page. Now we have to make sure customer gets the correct shipping estimated days in the order confirmation page. Let’s continue:

6. Go to settings > Checkout. Find the section that says “Additional scripts”
7. Place the below code in the text area:

<!-- DEBUG {{ checkout.shipping_method.title }} has been used -->
{% if checkout.shipping_method.title == 'FedEx Ground' %}
Your delivery will take 2-7 business days.
{% endif %}

8. Do the same for other shipping methods. Save it. And now place a test order to see everything looks good on the confirmation page.

Pros: You will be able to set custom delivery date range.
Cons: Customers will not be able to determine how long it will take for the shipping prior to order. Unless you let them know by using a message box or something similar.